Does your university as a body have measurement/tracking of women’s likelihood of graduating compared to men’s, and schemes in place to close any gap?

As shown in the above table, we can see that the female students in BAU are 4172 while the males are 4725 which is very near numbers. This shows that the acceptance conditions are not related to gender but to the same equal conditions and requirements.

Center of Applied Statistics is the first of its kind in Lebanon and the region in terms of services. The reason for its existence is the urgent need in all disciplines at the university and in the community to collect and analyze data to help make the right decision or provide tips to improve the performance required.


Our mission is to assist students, faculties, and private sectors in the data analysis process by identifying the research questions, deciding on what to measure and how to measure it, collecting, analyzing, and interpreting the results.


The center provides the following services:

  • Identifying the research question

  • Methods of data collection

  • Verifying the validity of the data

  • Organization of data

  • Data analysis

  • Interpreting of the results

  • Provide Specialized Courses of statistics

The AACO performs career guidance, placement, and follow-up services. We assist BAU graduates to identify their career aspirations, find suitable internship and career placement opportunities for them, and follow up and support alumni through their career paths.

All BAU alumni can take advantage of the following career guidance services:

  • Access to our alumni vacancy newsletter and career guidance services.

  • Invitation to our career placement and networking events such as BAU’s Annual Job Fair.

  • Access to BAU’s career development opportunities such as workshops, seminars, conferences, and symposia.

  • Benefits and Opportunities

BAU is in the process of giving its alumni many benefits.

  • Establishing a Career Office and sending job vacancies by emails for alumni on daily basis.

  • Offering ID cards in which alumni will have the ability to enter the university campus and benefit from its facilities such as libraries, playgrounds, and sports halls.

  • Informing all alumni about all the activities and events taking place at the university. Alumni are encouraged to participate in social, and cultural activities within the necessary conditions.

  • Celebrating an honoring day for alumni.

  • Providing internship and training for graduating students.

  • Organizing social events for alumni and encourage them to participate in various university events.

  • Benefiting from alumni experiences through organizing lectures delivered by prominent and notable alumni.