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To be eligible to apply, you must hold the relevant Lebanese Secondary Certificate (L.S., G.S., S.E., L.H.) or its equivalent:

International High-Schoolers or Secondary Certificate holders qualify for admission after obtaining the equivalent of the Lebanese Secondary School Certificate from the Equivalence Committee of the Lebanese Ministry of Education.


Obtain an application in June of each year as Entrance Exams are mostly set in July.

Complete the application form & attach the following documents:

  • Lebanese Applicants only: A photocopy of the Individual Civil Status Record

  • Non-Lebanese Applicants: A photocopy of the passport OR birth certificate

  • A photocopy of the Official Lebanese Secondary Certificate (L.S., G.S., S.E., L.H.) or its equivalent

  • Two recent passport-size photos endorsed by the relevant authorities Submit the application to the Admission Office before the date of the Entrance Exam.

Admission Exam:

Students applying to the English Language & Literature or French Language & Literature programs are required to pass an admission exam in Reading - Comprehension - Writing and Grammar.

Students applying to the Mass Communication Program are required to join the first General Year at the Faculty of Arts, complete a minimum of 26 credit hours with a total cumulative GPA 2.15, and pass the admission exam to the second year/Department of Mass Communication in Computer Literacy - French - English - Arabic - General Knowledge, in addition to an interview.

The final acceptance in the program is based on the applicant's qualifications and on class capacity.


BAU exempts four of the top ten students in the Official Lebanese Secondary School examinations from taking the Admission Exams.


Submit the following papers to the Admission Office:

  • Two photocopies of the Official Lebanese Secondary Certificate (L.S., G.S., S.E., L.H.) or its equivalent, one of which should be authenticated by the relevant authorities

Lebanese students only:

  • An original Individual Civil Status Record

  • A photocopy of the Family Civil Status Record

  • Students benefiting from any official health insurance funds must provide documented evidence thereof

Meet the advisor at the Faculty for advising on your first semester courses.

Present the signed registration form to the Registration Office.

Obtain your ID Card after completing all the registration procedure

If you want to apply to BAU, kindly check the following Admission Guide 2020-2021 to make sure you provide all required documents and information: Admission Guide 2020-2021

The application form can be obtained from the following link: Application Form 2020-2021

You can access the online application system directly by following this link: Online Application

Educational Environment:

Students have academic freedom environment and a proper university life to overcome the barriers related to the followings:

  • Achieving excellent learning outcomes and educational experience.

  • Fostering innovation in learning activities.

  • Ensuring that instructors are adopting the role of facilitators who help learners to develop their own understanding of the content.

  • Equality-learning acquisition regardless of gender and appropriate flexibility for students with disabilities.

  • Sustaining cultures that preserve the dignity of every member of BAU.

  • Achieving justice and equality of opportunity in admission, examination, counselling and psychological services.

  • Entrance Exams Dates for the postgraduate programs for the Fall semester 2020-2021

All prospective postgraduate non-BAU applicants are required to sit for a language proficiency exam as a requirement in accordance with the language of instruction at the Faculty they are applying to.

Exam dates for the postgraduate programs as per BAU Faculties:

  • Faculty of Human Sciences – Arabic/English Entrance Exam:

Date: Monday 21 September 2020 10:00 am – 11:00 a.m

Venue: Hariri building – B1 Jamil Rawas Hall

  • Faculty of Business Administration & Faculty of Science - English Entrance Exam:

Date: Tuesday 22 September 2020 10:00 am – 11:00 a.m

Venue: Hariri building - B1 Jamil Rawas Hall

  • Other BAU Faculties (excluding Law & Political Science) English Entrance Exam:

Date: Tuesday 22 September 2020 12:00 am – 1:00 p.m

Venue: Hariri building - B1 Jamil Rawas Hall

To ensure students’ safety, essential measures will be taken in order to guarantee physical distancing and minimal capacity of students in the hall following public health guidance.


If you have any question, kindly contact the Graduate Studies office

Tel: 01-300110

Ext: 2737 – 2253 - 2447 – 2731 - 2605