Does your university as a body provide students access to sexual and reproductive health-care services including information and education services?

Dr Leila Itani was awarded the title,” Certified Breast Feeding Specialist” as of February 2 2020. The certification is accredited by Lactation Education Accreditation and Approval Review Committee (LEAARC). This status entitles Dr. Itani to provide advice to mothers with infants 0-23 months of age related to 1) Benefits and importance of breast feeding to the mother and infant 2) Prepartum education for preparation for breastfeeding 2) Early initiation and maintenance of breastfeeding 3) Signs of effective breastfeeding 4) Assessment and management of breast feeding difficulties related to mother and infant ( decreased milk supply, refusal of breast, milk allergy, breastfeeding twins, tandum feeding etc..) 5) Maintenance of breastfeeding along with complementary feeding until 2 years and beyond.

Dr. Salim Moussa and MLT students attended the launching of breast cancer campaign organized by the Ministry of Public Health, Wednesday 9 October 2019. This year, the ministry emphasized the importance of regular screening through mammography for early detection, as the prevention is not yet possible.  

  • Participation of the MLT department in the national breast cancer awareness campaign

A team of six students from the MLT department-BAU and under the supervision of the assistant professor, Dr.Salim MOUSSA, had been selected by the MOPH in order to participate in a national competition for the breast cancer awareness campaign 2018. The MLT topic was “Mammogram: the selfie that saves your life”. During three days from 12 till 14 October, the MLT students were taking the hand of each woman and showing her the importance of breast cancer early detection via mammography in order to save her life. The MLT booth was highly attractive and competitive; more than 600 visitors had stopped at the booth to learn more about mammography, share their experiences with breast cancer and take memorable pictures with the team. The minister of public health, Mr.Ghassan Hassbani, the former prime minister, Mr.Fouad Siniora, Professor of Hematology-Oncology at the American University of Beirut, Pr.Nagi El Saghir, and the famous Lebanese TV personality, Mrs.Mona Abu Hamze were among the visitors of the MLT booth. Moreover, a special interview with Future TV was taken with Dr.Salim MOUSSA. At the end of the event, a special letter of thanks from the MOPH was sent to the MLT-BAU to express their highly appreciation of the remarkable job made by the team. Certificates of participation were delivered to the students.

Mr. Mohammad Itani and First Year Nursing Students organized an awareness campaign titled “Wear It Pink” in celebration of the Brest Cancer Awareness Month on 19 October 2017 where they decorated the faculty with pink helium balloons and written messages of awareness. Students also distributed pink ribbons to BAU students, staff, and faculty in solidarity with Brest Cancer patients. Dr. Ahmad Al Tassi delivered a lecture on Brest Cancer titled “Breast Cancer from A TO Z” delivering deliberate content and information about the latest advances on breast cancer on Friday 20th of October 2017, where students from the faculty of health sciences attended.

With the participation of the Mass Communication Department students, and the attendance of Dr. Gamal Megahed, the Faculty of Arts hosted an interactive play “Let’s Talk” at the Media Center. The play aims at promoting awareness among the youth of the HIV/AIDS and related issues, as well as means to guard against it and how to deal with people affected by the disease. The play, entitled “Khallik Salbe”, is produced by the Visual and Performative Arts Society, in collaboration with UNFPA. At the end of the play, a discussion was held with the students, and brochures were distributed to highlight the dangers of the disease.

Beirut Arab University medical students contributed to the National Awareness Campaign on HIV-AIDS entitled " don't test your luck. Get tested!"  that took part over first 2 weeks of December, collecting donations, and doing a public service in informing people about the disease and all its aspects and preventions.

The Campaign is organized by LeMSIC, as part of the National Campaign done by Standing Committee On Reproductive Health and AIDS (SCORA).

On Sunday September 21,2014, Beirut Arab University Faculty of Medicine students took part in organizing a Gynecological Cancer Awareness Campaign at Ain El Mreisseh raised  by The Lebanese Medical Student International Committee (LeMSIC) through the standing committee on reproductive health including HIV/AIDs (SCORA) and standing committee on public health (SCOPH) in association with Globe-athon.

It was all about giving information and spreading awareness about breast, ovarian, cervical, and endometrial cancer. The event ended up successfully where plenty of people were fully informed about everything related to these topics including risk factors,symptoms, prevention methods and examination. A fun event where people participated in games and got ribbons for each type of cancer.

In the occasion of World AIDS DAY, December the 1st , an awareness campaign on AIDS/HIV was organized by BAU Medical students who are members in    LEMSIC-SCORA Committee ( Standing Committee on Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS) .

The campaign took place in Hamra, and then at BAU Beirut campus, on Thursday December 4,2014. Medicine students introduced themselves, then defined AIDS, explained the stages of the disease, and talked about the laboratory tests every infected patient should take especially CD4- Count.

Since the tests are not provided for free, the students raised money from people donations and dedicated the money to the infected patients so they can take these tests at Hotel Dieu and Saint Georges hospitals for free.

The aim of the campaign was not only raising awareness about AIDS, its goal was also to convince people that AIDS infected patients  should  NOT be isolated from the society, because they are humans like others and not inferior to anyone.

Beirut Arab University medical students contributed to the National Awareness Campaign on HIV-AIDS entitled " don't test your luck. Get tested!"  that took part over first 2 weeks of December, collecting donations, and doing a public service in informing people about the disease and all its aspects and preventions.

The Campaign is organized by LeMSIC, as part of the National Campaign done by Standing Committee On Reproductive Health and AIDS (SCORA).

The faculty of medicine at Beirut Arab University in collaboration with the Lebanese Medical student international committee  (LeMSIC) have decided to embrace the message of the “International Women's day" by organizing an amazing event titled as "Be Your Body's Buddy" in the main Beirut campus of the university.

The faculty of medicine at Beirut Arab University has many visions, one of the most important is raising awareness on the common problems our Lebanese community encounter. This is why the faculty took an important initiative through promoting this event in order to pursue it's vision.

LeMSIC is part of the International Federal Medical Student Association (IFMSA), established in 1964, and composed of six standing committees one of which is the standing committee on sexual and reproductive health including HIV/AIDS which is governing this event.

 "Be your body's buddy" that targets many topics regarding women health, contraception, STIs, period, gynecological cancers and diseases. They also discussed abuse and rape , presenting to Beirut Arab University students the reality we live in. The campaign included interactive quizzes and games , a martial art coach to teach the female students how to defend themselves in any abusive encounter , also a stand for the famous NGO Kafa with brochures and stories, and of course an amazing team of all medical students  putting all their hearts and knowledge in this campaign.

Since December the 1st is the World AIDS Day, the students of the Faculty of Medicine, represented by the Lebanese Medical Students' International Committee (LeMSIC) and Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS (SCORA), in collaboration with Red Cross club Student Activities , have organized an HIV awareness Campaign in Beirut Campus, Al Multaka Building, from the 1st to the 4th of December.

HIV/AIDS has been discussed extensively worldwide in the last few years, and recently there was about 4000 cases reported in Lebanon! The students educated the public about HIV and AIDS, explained the importance of accepting and not-discriminating People Living with HIV in order to eradicate this infectious disease along with all the stigma and taboos related to it.

The Students did so through multiple interactive games concerned with correcting the myths, informing knowing what’s true or false and offering more information about the topic. In addition there was a huge board on which the public expressed whatever they want to support people living with HIV.

The public were satisfied with what they learned and gained.

Faculty of Medicine Students in Beirut Arab University(Lebanese Medical Students’ International Committee’s (LeMSIC), Standing Committee on Sexual & Reproductive Health Including HIV/AIDS (SCORA)) celebrated World AIDS Day (WAD) campaign celebration that has a goal to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS, to end the stigma, and discrimination against people living with HIV, by preparing a local event about HIV on Tuesday 29/11/2016 in Main Building Beirut Arab University.

 Through this event they spread awareness about HIV, at the information stand they explained to their fellow university students, what is HIV, how it functions, how does it spread, and can they protect themselves to prevent themselves HIV transmission. To make sure that their fellow students got the message that SCORA is trying to spread, they were tested through smart, fun, witty games to see what they have learnt. At the end if they passed those tests, they got a sweet treat, and a chance in entering a tombola to win gift vouchers. 

Under the patronage of Dr. Najlaa Mashaal Dean Faculty of Medicine BAU and the supervision of faculty staff: Dr. Azza Abou El Naga & Dr. Issam Shaarani, the faculty of medicine at Beirut Arab University held an educational presentations across two locations: on April 1st,2016 at Siblin Governmental Hospital and on April 14th , 2016 at the faculty of medicine at BAU .

Ahmad Chaaban, Walaa Mahmoud, Sandra Anka, Sandy El-Sayed, and Ghinwa Lawand have been working since 2014 on a study under the title: “Knowledge, attitudes and practices of Lebanese women regarding menopause”. The aim of the round was to share the results obtained in this study with the hospital staffs, faculty’s staff and students.

Throughout the presentation, the five medical students discussed the results they obtained regarding: knowledge, attitudes, symptoms, complications, treatment and screening regarding menopause among Lebanese women. They were able to prove their hypothesis, based on the results they obtained, that Lebanese women lack scientific knowledge, positive attitudes, and proper practices towards menopause and its related issues.