Does your university as a body undertake educational outreach activities beyond campus – e.g. in local schools, in the community, including voluntary student-run schemes?

In frame of the Lebanese community effort and response to Beirut massive explosion that occurred on 04/08/2020. As Beirut Arab University is committed to public engagement and social responsibility during the uncertain times, several initiatives on students’ level were organized hand in hand with more than 150 proud BAU students from all faculties and majors.

After performing a damage survey on affected areas the Student Activities Department In collaboration with different BAU departments, BAU HRC, and social clubs such as the DSC, and the Lebanese Red Cross youth department organized a repair campaign that targeted damaged public schools in Beirut:

  • Raml Al Zarif Mixed Public School

  • Salma Sayegh Public School

  • Tabaris Mixed Public School

  • Basta Mixed Public School

  • Omar Hamad Elementary School

  • Amin Bayham Public School

  • Tarik Al Jadida Public School

Ending the week on 13/08/2020 the repair of our home, Volunteers from students, administrative and academic staff members patched the wounds of our beloved BAU that suffered hefty damages.

Huge thank you to all the volunteers that made all of this possible

Together, we will rise again and will continue our duty in community service through BAU facilities.

The Research Center for Environment & Development, BAU, Bekaa campus in coordination with the dean of student affairs and the director of admission department organized the Academic Guidance Exhibition for the Association of Universities in Lebanon in the presence of the following universities:

  • Beirut Arab University

  • American University of Beirut

  • Lebanese American University

  • Islamic University of Lebanon

  • Middle East University

  • Sagesse University

  • Haigazian University

  • Antonine University

  • University of Balmand

  • Holly Spirit University of Kaslik

  • Saint Joseph University

The forum was held at RCED with the participation of 1200 secondary students of public and private schools in central and western Bekaa region Students were provided with detailed information on the specialties available in the universities, admission requirements and extracurricular activities, in addition to financial aids & scholarships. Participants from school principals, teachers and students stressed the importance of this exhibition for consuming their benefits, and a number of school administrators requested for a round table meeting with the president and dean of students in BAU to discuss the possibility of starting some majors in Bekaa branch specially medical school and engineering, hoping that the year 2019 will be the occasion.

Water in Lebanon: Turning Current Challenges into Future Opportunities

Conference panels at AUB-IFI, Beirut hosted participants from AUB, BAU, PU and Balamand Universities, and industry experts who encouraged the next generation to focus their studies and careers on the water and environmental sector in order to turn Lebanon’s water challenges into opportunities. The panels also featured various private and public actors who are involved in water management as well as Mr. Michele Pierpaoli – Attache’ for Water and Waste Water Affairs from the European Union Delegation to Lebanon. Interactive discussions with students and participants was held. The live streaming and BAU- ACF live discussion panel at BAU-RCED, Bekaa, conducted a discussion and knowledge-sharing platform led by Dr. Safaa Baydoun & Dr. Kamal El Kalaani with around 150 participants from universities, freshman and school students. Major water challenges in Lebanon, especially on Litani River, Bekaa region and management means of the impact of Syrian crisis and climate change on water resources issues were highlighted. Students were encouraged to purse higher studies on water resources related majors and contribute to local and national activities towards turning challenges into opportunities.

Aiming at sharing knowledge of new findings and advancement in medical and health care field and services, the Research center for Environment and Development jointly with the Litani Association for Medical Doctors and the Faculty of Medicine, BAU organized several monthly workshops during the academic year 2017-2018. Topics covered were Cancer Study Cases; Bariatric Endoscopy; Carotid Stenting Subarachnoid Bleeding from Diagnosis to Therapy; Kawasaki Disease; Recurrent Orbital Edema & Erythema; Management of Acute Ischemic Stroke; Recent Advancement in the Treatment of Intracranial Aneurysms among others. Prominent specialists and surgeons as well as pharmaceutical and health care experts discussed the various aspects of each of these themes and topics of national and local concern. A range of national and international pharmaceutical companies such as MSD; STADA; VIAVI Med and ACINO who sponsored the events provided the audience with information of recent products.

On World Water Day 2018, under the theme, “Nature for Water”, RCED jointly with Gruppo di Volontariato Civile (GVC)-Italia organized a celebration event on March 30, 2018. This event was funded by UNHCR being the donor of several development projects that support the water networks and services in Bekaa region. The event targeted a group of students from the faculty of Civil Engineering, Beirut Arab University. GVC team of both Italian and Lebanese members shared with participants the organization’s vision and information about its projects in several countries including those implemented in Lebanon. In addition, the use of nature-based approaches for water pumping and improving water quality were presented while examples of best practices were high lightened. This was followed by a site visit to the water system projects implemented by GVC in Qoub Elias, Central Bekaa and open round table.

The Faculty of Medicine, Beirut Arab University  through the Lebanese Medical Students' International Committee (LeMSIC), organized a mental health awareness campaign on the 8th of November 2016, in order to spread awareness about this public health topic.

The Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH) focuses on the importance of prevention as a basis of a healthier life. Therefore, spreading this kind of awareness is needed in our society, in order to protect the population from the health consequence of these mental illnesses.

There were 4 stands tackling four different mental health issues:

  1. Depression and Suicide

  2. Stress and Anxiety

  3. Eating disorders

  4. Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD)

These topics were chosen due to their importance as public health issues and to their frequency in the community (without them being frequently reported, for cultural reasons).

Infographics and educational posters were presented in order to make the information as simple as possible.

Educational games were prepared in order to deliver the same information but in a fun way.

The interacting students were cooperative and according to their reviews, they have benefited from all the activities presented.

Ending the stigma was a must; these are real illness, not life choices.

The physical therapy department - Faculty of health sciences - Beirut Arab university in collaboration with Sawa organization for development and aid visited one of the Syrian refugee’s camp in Dalhamieh - Bekaa region. Students gave awareness sessions on proper body ergonomics for agriculture and construction workers, and gave some practical demonstrations on relevant stretching exercises. For women a specific awareness session for healthy child development timeline and markers on common developmental delays requiring medical consultation. Afterwards, students performed entertainment activities for the children of the camp.

The BAU pharmacy senior students, during their experiential placement, that were supervised by their preceptor Dr. Samar Karout, showed full enthusiasm, high levels of confidence, commitment, and a remarkable efficiency when volunteered in the First Aid awareness campaign that was held at RHUH. This raising campaign was aimed to deliver knowledge of basic life support techniques for the patient’s family members that visited the hospital, and the hospital staff.

The campaign aimed to:

  1. Offer a practical, hands on approach methods by using a mannequin to deliver the skills, confidence and the willingness to act when someone is in need of first aid.

  1. Provide proper education when bleeding heavily until medical attention can be obtained.

  1. Deliver appropriate instructions about recovery positions when someone has a seizure.

  1. Teach visitors how to help someone who has a burn of 1st degree, 2nd degree.

  2. Guide visitors how to deal with fractures and dislocations.

BAU Pharmacy students: Aya Al-Saidi, Joumana El-Akhdar, Layla Al-Wazzeh It was with great motivation that the students accomplished their mission with success, for which they were considerably praised by the health care providers who participated in the awareness campaign.

“Their professionalism and the coordination have impressed the entire team, as well as their self- motivation and dedication. The 200 participants who visited the campaign, were delighted with their presentation and their quick responses,’’ Dr. Raida Bittar, Chief Pharmacist said.

Dr. Samar Karout (Preceptor) Stated: “I was not surprised by their outstanding performance. I was sure they would make it! From their 3rd year of their curriculum they were being exposed to practical courses that gave them the skills and boosted their self- confidence to provide the best patient care’’.

Faculty of Medicine BAU, organized an event under the theme of "Self-Love" aimed for raising donations for pacemakers. The campaign also involved raising of our students’ awareness about health topics such as cardiovascular disease and hypertension as well as sexual and reproductive health and gender based violence. The event was held at BAU's main campus  on 26/2/2019 at the Moltaqa building.

Beirut Arab University medical students contributed to the National Awareness Campaign on HIV-AIDS entitled " don't test your luck. Get tested!"  that took part over first 2 weeks of December, collecting donations, and doing a public service in informing people about the disease and all its aspects and preventions.

The Campaign is organized by LeMSIC, as part of the National Campaign done by Standing Committee On Reproductive Health and AIDS (SCORA).

Lions Club Lebanon, Beirut, San Gabriel invited the BAU, faculty of Health sciences, nursing department to collaborate in a health campaign to raise Lebanese community awareness regarding first aid practices in emergency situations. Two weeks ago, a meeting was conducted between the faculty dean and the nursing department staff members, and the representatives of Lions Club Lebanon, Beirut, San Gabriel and Kodorat organization to prepare and plan for the training included in this campaign.

A number of PowerPoint presentations accompanied with demonstration of first aid and basic life support practices were included. They were delivered to 25 residents of El Naeama region, Lebanon. Attendants showed a positive feedback on the campaign.

Organizing Body: Lions Club Lebanon, Beirut, San Gabriel in collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences – Beirut Arab University (BAU).


  • Dr Eman Zahran

  • Dr. Nesrin Ezzat

  •  Miss Mirna Fawaz

Date/Time : Sunday 15-3-2013 at 10:30 am.

Duration: 90 minutes.

Place: El Naeama, Cultural and Sports Club.

Other Faculty /Staff Member (s) attended: Dr Sawsan Youssef.