Does your university as a body systematically measure/track women’s application rate, acceptance/entry rate and study completion rate at the university?

As shown in the above table, we can see that the female students accepted in BAU are 4172 while the accepted males are 4725 which is very near numbers. This shows that the acceptance conditions are not related to gender but to the same equal conditions and requirements.

Center of Applied Statistics is the first of its kind in Lebanon and the region in terms of services. The reason for its existence is the urgent need in all disciplines at the university and in the community to collect and analyze data to help make the right decision or provide tips to improve the performance required.


Our mission is to assist students, faculties, and private sectors in the data analysis process by identifying the research questions, deciding on what to measure and how to measure it, collecting, analyzing, and interpreting the results.


The center provides the following services:

  • Identifying the research question

  • Methods of data collection

  • Verifying the validity of the data

  • Organization of data

  • Data analysis

  • Interpreting of the results

  • Provide Specialized Courses of statistics

Required Documents

  • A Photocopy of the Lebanese Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent (if received) or a certificate of registration in Grade 12.

  • Official high school transcripts of Grades 10 and 11 (transcripts should be submitted in a sealed and stamped envelope).

  • SAT I scores (if applicable).

  • A Photocopy of the Single Civil Status Record (for Lebanese applicants only).

  • A Photocopy of the identity card or passport (for non-Lebanese applicants only).

  • Two recent passport-size photos endorsed by the relevant authorities.

  • Non-refundable application fee of L.L. 100,000

Admissions Requirements

  • Applicants must hold the official Lebanese Secondary School Certificate or an official equivalent.

  • Applicants should sit the admission exam relevant for each program at BAU as shown in the table below.

  • No admission exam is required for the Faculty of Law and Political Science and for some programs at the Faculty of Human Sciences (Arabic Language & Literature and Psychology).

  • Applicants must prove their English Language proficiency by sitting for a placement test conducted by the University or by obtaining a minimum score on any of the equivalent tests.

  • Applicants holding the official Lebanese Secondary School Certificate (General Sciences, Life Sciences and Sociology-Economics) may apply to all majors in the sophomore class.

  • The holders of Sociology and Economics certificate are asked to take additional courses if accepted in the faculties of Engineering, Science, Health Sciences, Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy.

  • The holders of Literature and Humanities certificate may apply to the faculties of Human Sciences, Law & Political Science, Business Administration, Health Sciences and Design Programs at the faculty of Architecture – Design and Built Environment. They are asked to take additional courses if accepted in the faculties of Health Sciences and Business Administration.

  • Applicants holding a non-Lebanese Secondary School Certificate (French Baccalaureate, Official Government Secondary School leaving Certificate from Arab countries, full IB diploma, IGCSE/GCE,…) should obtain an equivalence of the Lebanese Secondary School Certificate from the Equivalence Committee of the Lebanese Ministry of Education & Higher Education.

The admission exams will be held On-Campus. Social distancing rules will be maintained and all applicants should wear masks.

The number of accepted students depends on the capacity of each program.

Accepted students will be asked to make a commitment to enroll with a non-refundable deposit.

English Language Proficiency

All programs at the University are delivered in English Language except the programs of Law, Arabic Language & Literature, and Mass Communication that are delivered in Arabic Language. Thus, undergraduate applicants should show a level of proficiency in the English language by obtaining a minimum score on one of the following approved English language exams:

The BAU English Language Admission Exam is one of the tests approved by BAU when assessing candidates for admission.

The English Language Admission Exam is prepared and conducted at BAU. It is considered as a placement test that gauges the applicants’ language proficiency and classifies them along the intensive English courses at BAU. The questions are equally divided among four sections: reading, vocabulary, language focus and writing. Each section contains items that are graduated to cover all levels: Elementary (A2), Pre-Intermediate (B1), and Intermediate (B1+), Upper-Intermediate (B2) and Advanced (C1), based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Applicants who do not successfully pass the BAU English Language Admission Exam, are required to take intensive English courses offered at the University.

Applicants to the faculties of Medicine and Dentistry are required to pass the BAU English Language Admission Exam with ONE Intensive English Language course only otherwise, they won’t be considered for admission.

Applicants who successfully completed the IGCSE/GCE program are exempted from BAU English Language Admission Exam.

Applicants should enter BAU code 7373 when registering for the SAT, and B516 when registering for the TOEFL IBT; the Educational Testing Service should be requested to send the scores directly to the Admissions Office.


The Freshman Program is designed for all students, Lebanese or Non-Lebanese, who hold a high school certificate following a Non Lebanese Baccalaureate Program based on 12 years of schooling starting with Grade One.

Required Documents

How to apply

Admissions Requirements

Freshman at BAU consists of 30 credits (2 semesters) and students could apply for either Freshman Sciences or Freshman Arts. During the freshman year, they should sit for the SAT Subject Tests (SAT II) and pass the BAU Admissions Exams of their chosen major(s) in order to join the sophomore class.

Required Subjects of SAT II are:

  • For Freshman Arts: Mathematics I (obligatory) and any other two subjects.

  • For Freshman Sciences: Mathematics II (obligatory) and two other subjects (Biology, Chemistry or Physics).

Important Notes:

The new SAT I and SAT II combined score should be at least 2150 for Freshman Arts and 2300 for Freshman Sciences.

Freshman students who have attained the combined score of SAT I & SAT II and completed 30 credits with a minimum CGPA 2, have to submit the relevant certificates to the Equivalence Committee of the Lebanese Ministry of Education & Higher Education. This is required in order to get the equivalence of the Lebanese Secondary School Certificate; otherwise, they will not be able to join the sophomore class.

Freshman Courses

International Students

To achieve an elite position at the international level, BAU encourages further development of international cooperation relating to education and research as well as the exchange of students, researchers and research results with other international institutions. The University promotes an international perspective throughout the University community.