Does your university as a body have a maternity and paternity policies that support women’s participation?


to all those who are waiting for the maternity leave period extension to take effect, after the vote in the General Assembly of the Parliament, it was finally published in the Official Gazette Number 17 of April 22 2014 pages 1119 and 1120.

Women, Mothers, and families enjoy your 10 weeks  fully paid maternity leave!!!


Rita Chemaly

Here is a snapshot of the laws as they were published in the official gazette:

Maternity leave in Lebanon, at seven weeks fully paid, is one of the lowest in the world, but a draft law passed by Cabinet two weeks ago, if also approved by Parliament, will increase leave to 10 weeks and there is no allowance for breastfeeding time once back at work.

However, this still falls short of the International Labor Organization’s recommended minimum of 14 weeks, and mothers and experts in Lebanon say this is simply not enough time to bond with one’s baby or to be in the best state of mind to return to work.

The current draft law, which will have to go through the parliamentary committee stage before being voted on by MPs, falls four weeks short of the ILO’s recommended minimum 14 weeks, but Zahrani MP Michel Musa, who co-wrote the law with Kesrouan MP Gilberte Zwein, says that it must be tackled step by step. (The Daily Star)