Does your university as a body deliver outreach programmes and projects in the local community to improve or promote health & wellbeing including hygiene, nutrition, family planning, sports, exercise, aging well, and other health and wellbeing related topics?

Beirut Arab University started a preventive campaign to participate in the national efforts to avoid the spread of Coronavirus in the Lebanese community and among the ten thousand students and their families.

Students from the Faculty of Medicine volunteered with the Lebanese Ministry of Health to reinforce its teams at the airport and the crossing borders. Interns and nursing students in all departments also continue their mission at Rafik Hariri University Hospital which was counted a hospital to contain Coronavirus cases. As well, some of them volunteered to work in the specialized isolation section for epidemiological cases.

The Faculty of Health Sciences launched awareness campaigns in schools where students volunteered under the supervision of specialized professors to train school students on preventive measures and urge them that these measures shall be part of their daily routine to prevent Coronavirus and other viruses.

Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi, President of the university, stressed that “the national mission of the university requires that students according to their specializations participate in the efforts to contain Coronavirus under their professors’ supervision and it shall continue to provide the necessary expertise and specializations”.

The President also held a meeting with the medical and health affairs committee to follow up the preventive measures from infectious diseases. The meeting discussed measures implemented at the university buildings. The committee also agreed to raise awareness among all students, professors and employees in all university campuses and follow up all the issues that requires public protection from all viruses especially corona virus.

In this framework, sterilization teams continue their efforts on various campuses and university buildings. As well, the students of medicine and health sciences began to communicate directly with all students to raise their awareness about prevention and distribute publications.

The Faculty of Health Sciences at Beirut Arab University – Tripoli Campus organized a public awareness seminar about “Viruses of the Era”. It consisted of four lectures delivered by Dr. Hassan Mallat “Specialist in Bacterial and Infectious Diseases”, Dr. Mona Youssef “Specialist in Bacterial and Infectious Diseases”, Dr. Sara Mina “Assistant Professor in Microbiology and Immunology” at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Dr. Rosie Metri “Assistant Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics” at the Faculty of Health Sciences in the presence of doctors and students.

The Dean of Faculty of Medicine Professor Naglaa Mashaal hosted Dr. Mahmoud Hassoun, Chest Diseases and Intensive Care Specialist at Rafik Hariri Governmental Hospital for a lecture about “Coronavirus”. He pointed that this virus is from the historically present virus family and it is called corona because its shape under the electronic microscope is similar to the crown.  It comes from the animals but bats are the most important incubator for this virus. He also talked about the symptoms of this disease, the most vulnerable people, death toll, and the countries that the virus is spread in according to the World Health Organization.

Dr. Hassoun advised the necessity of protection from infection transmission stressing the importance to abide by the preventive measures to reduce the disease outbreak. The most important measures are washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, cover the mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing, consult a doctor at the appearance of the main symptoms of the disease, such as coughing, sneezing, fever, shortness of breath in addition to staying at home to avoid transmitting the infection to others.

Dr. Hassoun concluded his awareness lecture that there is no need to panic. We must be careful but not worried because despite the rapid spread of the virus, the death toll is still relatively low.

In line with the mission of Beirut Arab University to serve the Lebanese Community, and based on its partnership with the health sector in Lebanon, the Nursing students at the Faculty of Health Sciences- Tripoli Branch are participating in the National COVID-19 Pandemic Vaccination Program organized by the Ministry of Public Health. Students volunteered to assist the Medical Team at providing the vaccinations at Albert Haykel Hospital; which was approved by the Ministry of Public Health as a vaccination center in North Lebanon.

The team includes a group of administrators, clinicians and nurses assigned to follow up the vaccinated individuals during and after their vaccination process.  However, this students’ commitment represents one of several activities organized by the Faculty of Health Sciences since the beginning of COVID - 19 pandemic, in order to raise the awareness about the disease and assist the nursing staff, especially during the peak of the deficiency of nurses.

Furthermore, the students of the Faculty are spreading massive awareness campaigns towards the importance of vaccination, in order to encourage the citizens, for achieving the required community immunization in a short period of time.

What is worth to be noted that the students of the Nursing Department will be endorsing their voluntary support action throughout all The National Vaccination Campaign period in Lebanon.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, the faculty of pharmacy at BAU continues its pivotal contribution to community services. As soon as the vaccination campaign was launched by the Ministry of Public Health at Rafic Hariri University Hospital (RHUH), pharmacy students promptly presented at the vaccination site on daily basis.

Pharmacy students had paramount aid in the preparation of Pfizer vaccines including dilution and reconstitution to be given to eligible candidates.  Moreover, the pharmacy students will continue to provide their support and contribution throughout all the national vaccination campaign period in Lebanon.

Lions Club Lebanon, Beirut, San Gabriel invited the BAU, faculty of Health sciences, nursing department to collaborate in a health campaign to raise Lebanese community awareness regarding first aid practices in emergency situations. Two weeks ago, a meeting was conducted between the faculty dean and the nursing department staff members, and the representatives of Lions Club Lebanon, Beirut, San Gabriel and Kodorat organization to prepare and plan for the training included in this campaign.

A number of PowerPoint presentations accompanied with demonstration of first aid and basic life support practices were included. They were delivered to 25 residents of El Naeama region, Lebanon. Attendants showed a positive feedback on the campaign.

Organizing Body: Lions Club Lebanon, Beirut, San Gabriel in collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences – Beirut Arab University (BAU).


  • Dr Eman Zahran

  • Dr. Nesrin Ezzat

  • Miss Mirna Fawaz

Date/Time : Sunday 15-3-2013 at 10:30 am.

Duration: 90 minutes.

Place: El Naeama, Cultural and Sports Club.

Other Faculty /Staff Member (s) attended: Dr Sawsan Youssef.

Second and third year BAU Medical Laboratory Technology students participated as volunteers in Ibad al Rahman health day, organized by Amalouna NGO for cancer awareness, on Saturday September 28th . They interacted with the community by enhancing their awareness towards breast, lung, colorectal and pediatric cancers and providing them with the essential tips for prevention. At the end, certificates of participation were delivered to all students. 

The Faculty of Health Sciences along with all faculties at BAU participated in the BDL Beirut Marathon organized by Beirut MARATHON Association and “BANQUE DU LIBAN” on Sunday 8 November 2015. FHS faculty members and students participated as a part of the medical team that offered medical services for runners in case of injuries. 

On 14th of March, MTL students volunteered in an event hosted by the NGOs Foodblessed and Tahaddi to celebrate mother's day. They helped in preparing and serving lunch for underprivileged families, set up and organize the place and decoration. Foodblessed is a local hunger relief initiative run by a group of volunteers with a passion and will to fight hunger in Lebanon. Tahaddi (facing together the challenge of poverty) is a non-governmental organization serving socially vulnerable families and victims of conflict and discrimination, regardless of their nationality, religion or social background.

Under the supervision of Dr. Fatima Saleh (Associate Professor at the MLT department) and Mrs. Dima Kreidieh (Lecturer at the Nutrition and Dietetics), students from both departments had participated in the Cancer Awareness Village event hosted by Barbara Nassar Association in partnership with the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health. It took place at Forum de Beyrouth for three consecutive full days in 8th, 9th & 10th of February 2019.

The MLT department chose the topic of “Skin Cancer” to raise public awareness about how to prevent and detect it early.

The Nutrition and Dietetics Department chose the topic of “Breast Cancer” to raise the awareness on how obesity may increase the incidence of breast cancer and leads to poorer outcome during treatment as well as the increase of rate of mortality in patients with breast cancer. Students have also explained the importance of weight management in these patients.

A certificate of appreciation was offered to the students in the last day of the event, as an recognition for their valuable participation in the Cancer Awareness Village under the theme of “Love Heals”.

A long road for a great experience. “Action Against Hunger” with whom Nutrition and Dietetics Senior students joined two weeks ago was not only a great learning experience, but also a blast to get to know. A humanitarian organization placing action plans to decrease the causes and effects of hunger worldwide had placed a 4-day session education plan in which we were glad to attend 3 of them. The plan revolved around nutrition education to pregnant and lactating Syrian female refugees in Baalbek camps. It was an absolute pleasure to get to know more on the works of this organization through this ground community work and learn the simplified manners of communication with individuals whose level of education in nutrition is affecting their health. This activity was undertaken through the Community Nutrition Course in the undergraduate program of Nutrition and Dietetics. Through this experience, we had an inside of the reality that they are living, and the challenges in investing efforts to alleviate the dominating malnutrition.

For the occasion of the World Health Day, the Human Rights Center at Beirut Arab University HRC-BAU with the support of the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO LNCU released a campaign during for April-May 2021.The campaign aimed to highlight youth role and their engagement in bringing attention to the importance of global health issues and how they are engaged in the efforts to minify the Pandemic impact especially on social and health levels. It also intended to give a tribute to the young medical and healthcare staff/students as well as to raise awareness on the COVID-19 pandemic from a social and educational perspective.

The campaign encompassed several activities such as an awareness video, which included messages from medical students who were and still in the front lines during the pandemic and the vaccination phase. It also held a Webinar entitled “Youth and social cohesion during the Pandemic”. The campaign also included a Digital Wall of Heroes and Heroines that was shared on the university’s website and social medial platform as well as university screens on campus where it presented photos of BAU’s young medical front-liners with their messages to the community.

The physical therapy department - Faculty of health sciences - Beirut Arab university in collaboration with Sawa organization for development and aid visited one of the Syrian refugees camp in Dalhamieh - Bekaa region. Students gave awareness sessions on proper body ergonomics for agriculture and construction workers, and gave some practical demonstrations on relevant stretching exercises. For women a specific awareness session for healthy child development timeline and markers on common developmental delays requiring medical consultation. Afterwards, students performed entertainment activities for the children of the camp.

In frame of the Lebanese community effort and response to Beirut massive explosion that occurred on 04/08/2020. As Beirut Arab University is committed to public engagement and social responsibility during the uncertain times, several initiatives on students’ level were organized hand in hand with more than 150 proud BAU students from all faculties and majors.

After performing a damage survey on affected areas the Student Activities Department In collaboration with different BAU departments, BAU HRC, and social clubs such as the DSC, and the Lebanese Red Cross youth department organized a repair campaign that targeted damaged public schools in Beirut:

  • Raml Al Zarif Mixed Public School

  • Salma Sayegh Public School

  • Tabaris Mixed Public School

  • Basta Mixed Public School

  • Omar Hamad Elementary School

  • Amin Bayham Public School

  • Tarik Al Jadida Public School

Ending the week on 13/08/2020 the repair of our home, Volunteers from students, administrative and academic staff members patched the wounds of our beloved BAU that suffered hefty damages.

Huge thank you to all the volunteers that made all of this possible.

Together, we will rise again and will continue our duty in community service through BAU facilities.