Does your university as a body share sports facilities with the local community, for instance with local schools or with the general public?

Being a student at BAU means that you design your own student life. BAU’s multitude of events and activities guarantees that no matter how diverse your interests are, you will get to experience university life to the fullest. We have a broad range of activities and events planned out throughout the year especially for you. Even if you blink, you might miss out.

About us

The Student Activities Department plans and organizes sports, social and artistic activities for students. We enhance the college experience by providing events that are both inspiring and enriching. Through a variety of clubs, teams, and competitive groups, we strive to bring a sense of community to all BAU students.


To enrich campus life by providing services, facilities and opportunities for community development in Lebanon and abroad, multicultural experiences, personal growth and the acquisition of skills vital to the development of engaged citizens and future leaders to contribute in a global society.


To support students’ needs by helping them work with one another, to build interpersonal relationships and gain experience with collaborative event planning. In turn, as students develop their skills, they grow as individuals to become leaders in their own field.

To provide numerous benefits by giving the students the chance to participate in our activities such as feeling more satisfied with their college experience, develop valuable leadership, interpersonal skills and be more marketable when job searching.

The Student Activities Department – Debbieh Campus organized the mini volleyball Faculties tournament on Tuesday 9/5/2017 under the supervision of coach Abdullah Al-Ghosh in the gymnasium hall with the participation of a number of students from different faculties where the results were as follows: First place: Anis Ismail (Faculty of Business Administration) and Rabih Sarhal (Faculty of Engineering) Second place: Sarah Hajjar and Ahmed Issa (Faculty of Engineering)

There are a lot of nature lovers who walk among us in the BAU campus. Those nature lovers can now enjoy camping in nature, rafting in rivers, hiking in forests and rappelling on mountains with the BAU scouts. The BAU scouts are all about mother nature and the wildlife. The BAU scouts team has held these activities:

  • Organizing training camps yearly to Bzbeddine, Dar Alhnan, Dir Mashmoushy, Dbieh and Ain Zhalta.

  • Organizing nature camps on Tyre beach, Al-Assi River, Dbieh and other places.

  • Camps in Jordan, Egypt and Syria.

  • Organizing rafting twice a year and engaging in the Championship of Rafting for the Lebanese Universities.

  • Hiking in Almtein, Ameqa, Jana Kartaba and

Owing to the value of sports on health, BAU has dedicated several sports clubs. These include basketball, volleyball, handball, archery, chess, Muay Thai, ping-pong, swimming, and Zumba. Find more information about each of these unique clubs.

  1. Basketball: Our basketball teams have won hundreds of championships over the years. BAU’s basketball team is definitely a team you want to join.

  1. Football: Our football team is highly competitive. With the best players on our side, the football team has won many championships over the years. We organize and participate in friendly matches and competitions. These include the annual staff vs. students’ competition and competitions with other faculties and universities.

  1. Volleyball: When you join the volleyball team, you’ll get two privileges. The obvious is that you will get to be a part of this active club. But what you don’t know is that you’ll also have the chance to be trained by the best university coaches in Lebanon. You’ll join and participate in friendly matches and championships in Lebanon and the Arab world.

  1. Handball Men: The men’s handball club is one of the most thrilling and challenging clubs to be on. You’ll experience the joy of winning many national and international competitions. The club is trained by one of the most talented coaches in Lebanon. You’ll also be able to play this great sport which roots back to Roman and French origins.

  1. Archery Club: This club has attracted a large group of students over the years. If you wish to sharpen your skills and focus, join this club. You’ll be trained by professionals in the field and get to perfect your archery techniques. We also participate in a lot of competitions and tournaments.

  1. Chess: If you are into more strategy games, then the chess club is what you are looking for. You’ll compete with other chess players at BAU and outside. You’ll also be able to learn new strategies and techniques. Playing chess can actually spark your creativity and teach you how to think fast and solve problems.

  1. Muay Thai: Muay Thai is a famous form of martial arts. This sport originally emerged in Thailand and expanded to the rest of the world. It is not similar to conventional western boxing and kickboxing. What is unique and interesting about it is that it encourages its players to use four sets of limbs. If you wish to work on your agility and nimbleness, then Muay Thai is the right sport for you.

  1. Ping Pong: If you are more into a fast-paced kind of sport, then the ping-pong club is the right choice. Requiring a lot of movement and agility, this kind of sport is the best for burning calories and staying fit. If you also wish to improve your eye-hand coordination and stimulate your concentration and mental awareness, then you should definitely join this club.

  1. Swimming: When you join the swimming team, you’ll be able to compete in swimming competitions. Our swimmers have obtained many awards throughout the years in sport tournaments. This endurance-building sport is good for a healthy heart and strong muscles.

  1. Zumba: Zumba is a dance that combines rhythmic movements with aerobic exercises. BAU provides Zumba classes with professional coaches. The idea is to encourage students to lead a healthy life, to participate in fun classes, and to overcome stress and anxiety. Students can join these classes anytime.

The Student Activities Committee - Tripoli Branch - organized a sports day and a Football competition at BAU on 14/11/2017.

As a student at BAU, you’ll enjoy a multitude of sports facilities in Tripoli Branch. Explore ways you can benefit from our gym, activity rooms, and outdoor courts.

  • Gym

Opening Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM

  • Activity Rooms

Students at Tripoli Branch can enjoy their hobbies in the aerobics room (featuring aerobics and kickboxing), drama room, or music room. Ping-pong tables are also situated within campus where students can benefit from this skill-enhancing sport.

  • Outdoor Courts

Tripoli Branch students can enjoy outdoor sports in our outdoor basketball and football courts.

On Thursday 27/02/2015, a Sports-day event took place in the main campus of Beirut Arab University from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM.

The event was organized by the committee of Students Activities –Faculty of Medicine to support all kinds of activities and sports.

During the event, soccer teams from all levels played against each other, and by the end of the day, the team representing third year medicine students won the competition.

Many doctors from the faculty staff attended to cheer the students and in the end Prof. Sayyed Soliman and Dr. Bilal Azakir distributed awards to the members of the winning team and gave them a trophy.