Does your university as a body promote or allow telecommuting or remote working for employees as a matter of policy or standard practice, and/or offer a condensed working week to reduce employee commuting?

BAU’s IT Department provides a range of technology solutions for the BAU community.

We pride ourselves in the innovative, quality, and sustainable solutions and services that we provide to allow members of BAU’s community to perform their work.

IT Services

Email (for student)

You can access your BAU Email using any web browser or internet connection. You can use your desktop or even configure the BAU email on your mobile device.

BAU Helpdesk (for staff)

Staff may access BAU’s Helpdesk from their desktop at work to get assistance with their computers, connection issues, or any other related matters.

The BAU Helpdesk will direct your request to the right person in the IT Department. You will be able to track your request until completion.

iConnect Portal

The iConnect Portal is the main tool for students, academic staff, and administrative staff to exchange and benefit from information, communication, and services.

With BAU’s iConnect Portal, you will be able to:

  • Staff and students can exchange and download files and documents.

  • Academic staff and students can open discussions and obtain feedback and replies.

  • The portal is a site of exchange for general and specific announcements for BAU’s community as a whole.

  • Students use the iConnect o view grades. Academic staff can insert grades, extract class rosters, obtain reports for students’ academic paths, and perform other related academic tasks.

  • Midterm and Final Exam results are published on iConnect.

  • Students may use X-files to view their academic, financial data, profile, warning, probations, etc.

  • Staff and students can benefit from library services including search and retrieval of online and print books, journals, and articles using the internal library database and online database.

Banner Student Information System

Banner is a system for the management of enrollment, curricula, and administrative services such as registration, class scheduling, degree auditing, and billing. Using the Banner SIS, we offer a fast tracking and recording of students’ progress and immediate printing of schedules and bills.

Using this system, the University handles all operations such as admission, course catalogue maintenance, class schedule maintenance, tuition and fee billing and collection, student registration, grade processing, student academic record maintenance, and curriculum, advising, and program planning (CAPP).

ID Cards

BAU ID card allows you access to BAU’s campuses, facilities, and services. It is your own identification card. Learn more about how you can use your BAU ID Card.

Video Conferencing

We offer many tools for video conferencing at BAU to connect across colleagues from campuses or outside campus. By doing so, we expand the learning opportunities across international boundaries.


BAU offers a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connect to its students and staff. If you wish to install BAU’s Wi-Fi on your mobile application, then you should follow the guides for iOS or android.