Does your university as a body contribute to local arts, in terms of number of annual public performances of university choirs / theatre groups / orchestras etc?

Since BAU values and nurtures talent, we have put forward the opportunity for our students to join any of three Artistic Clubs. Whether you are dazzled by the lights of the theater, the graceful movements of a dancer, or the harmonic sounds of the symphony, Artistic Clubs are the best choice for you.

Drama Club

Do you feel like you can convince anyone by acting? Are you confident enough to look crazy on a stage? BAU’s Drama Club is your chance to shine on stage and show your best. When you join this club, you’ll be able to participate in local and Arab festivals. You’ll also get to meet a variety of local and Arab actors and actresses.

Drama Club 2016-17 He who is born is stuck

Within the series of diverse activities organized by the Student Activities Department at Beirut Arab University, the Drama Club presented its “Alb El Balad” play under the auspices of the University President Professor Amr Galal El Adawi. The play was presented within the Eighth University Festival organized by the Ministry of Culture at the UNESCO Palace on Friday 22/4/2016 and in Jamal Abdul Nasser Hall at Beirut Arab University on Tuesday and Friday 4-5/5/2016 .

The events of the play take place at one of the 1950s modest hotels. One of the hotel guests who range between scholars and figures of culture, media and arts is murdered. Things get worse with the arrival of Abou Shafik, the opportunist non-professional detective as the investigation conducted is based on the struggle among those who call themselves the elite. The play and the investigation come out with a surprise ending which shows the collapse of every detail of our life which resembles that humble and ramshackle hotel.

In addition to the actor Wissam Sabbagh, the cast of characters also includes students Mohammad Darwish, Maya Shamsi Basha, Rashel Rashid, Rima Shehade, Ahmad Hamesh, Nourhan Ghizzawi, Zeina Hayek, Soulave El Juaid, Farah Jawad, Lilian Shmeit, Omar Al Daouk, and Abdel Ghani Slaii. The crew consists of the lighting technician Youssef Hamza, Sound technician Hassan Khalil, Scenic designers Hassan Al Samawi and Noura Berjawi, Special makeup and hair artist Maysoun Hilal, makeup artist Reem Lawand, Ad designer Nader Hassan, Stage director Nader Darwish, author Mohammad Al Saoudi and Director Hassan Al Masri.

In recognition of his great career, Salah Tizani, the well-known actor (Abou Salim) was granted BAU’s honorary shield by the Director of the Student Activities Department Ms. Nadine Abla after the first show in Jamal Abdul nasser Hall.

Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Amr Galal El Adawi, President of Beirut Arab University, the Drama Club presented its play “Mahlouleh” on 28-29/4 2015 in Jamal Abed Al Nasser Hall. “Mahlouleh” depicts real life by portraying its harsh reality and invites people to face any difficulties inside their country away from migration. Wissam receives an offer from the Lebanese producer, Murad, who runs a channel in London. However, his family members, driven by their logical reasons, try hard to block this offer by any means possible. His wife is looking for fame as a TV and cinema star and is not inclined to give up her dream and leave to the City of Fog. Wissam’s mother cannot find any rational excuse to leave Lebanon, especially after her sister Fadwa, who newly returned from Australia, persuades her that Lebanon is a piece of heaven on earth. Jad, the son, rejects the idea of traveling without any second thoughts.

The actors who participated in the play were Omar Daouk, Mohammad Darwish, Rima Shehadeh, Mustafa Al Halabi, Stephanie Shahrouk and Sulaf Al Juaid, as well as Drama Club alumni Rania Hamandi, Rana Bahlawan and Rayan Al Alti. The play was written by Claudia Marshalian, directed by Hassan Al Masri and supervised by Wissam Sabbagh.

Dance Club

If you get excited by the rhythmic movements of dancers on a stage, then this is the right club for you. Our dance club will teach you two main kinds of dances, modern dance and folk dance. You’ll also be exposed to other forms of dance like oriental dancing. You’ll get the chance to perform on stage in front of an audience at BAU and outside in competitions and international events.

ضمن فعاليات قسم النشاطات الطلابية في جامعة بيروت العربية، برعاية وحضور رئيس الجامعة” الدكتور عمرو جلال العدوي”، قدم فريق الرقص عرضاً مميزاً في قاعة جمال عبد الناصر وذلك يوم الأربعاء الواقع في 15 أيار عام 2013. حمل هذا الحفل عنوان “الرقص بشغف”، امتد من الفلكلور الشعبي الى الانواع الحديثة من الرقص والتي شملت الرقصات الغجرية و اليونانية و الأجنبية و الفلسطينية كما اللبنانية. أعضاء الفريق وهم طلاب من جميع الكليات أحمد حبار، أسامة خطاب، اليزابيت الخطيب، رنا الشوفي، شفيق الفقير، علي شحيمي، فرح خالد، محمد سلام، محمد غنيم، منال شياح، نور بيلاني، هناء الشوفي، وذلك باشراف مدربة الرقص “آني ساركسيان كوزدانيان

Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Amr Galal El Adawi, President of Beirut Arab University, the First Art and Music Festival was held on Wednesday 14-05-2014 in Beirut campus. This event was organized and supervised by Ms. Nadine Abla, Director of the Student Activities Department. The festival hosted the art teams from Beirut, Debbieh and Tripoli campuses. The teams presented a set of Arabic and foreign songs, as well as folk and modern dances derived from folk and modern dance clubs. It also included an exhibition of paintings by students and artists from the Russian Cultural Center. The event was attended by students from various faculties, faculties’ deans and administrators. In the end, Ms. Abla presented commemorative shields to all teams and trainers.

  • Music Club

Have you always aspired to become a member of a band or choir? Do your friends tell you that you have an amazing voice? If you are that person, then BAU’s Student Activities invites you to join the Music Club. You will get to perform live in front of audiences from BAU and outside. You’ll regularly practice with others who share your interests; and you will be exposed to chances beyond your imagination.

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  • Music Club 2014-15 Concert

Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Amr Galal El Adawi, President of BAU and on the occasion of concluding the spring semester, the Student Activities Department organized the music club concert that was held in Jamal Abed Al Nasser Hall on Thursday 30/4/2015. The concert was attended by faculty deans, academic and non-academic staff and interested students. Traditional Egyptian and Lebanese songs including Sabah’s and Rahbanis’ as well as modern ones were presented. For one whole hour, the band charmed the audience with their fascinating music.

BAU Music Club – Beirut Campus participated in the concert held in the Earth Hour campaign at Pavillon Royal Biel on Saturday 28/3/2015. This campaign was launched by G organization and MTV in an initiative aiming to turn off the lights for an hour to save the environment. This concert included a music battle between university music bands in cooperation with Beirut Arab University – Beirut Campus, Lebanese American University, American University of Beirut and Saint Joseph University.

Abdel Halim Caracall, the Lebanese creative artist from the City of Sun and history Baalbek, was BAU’s honoured guest at the "Success Story" organized by the Public Relations Department for the seventh year in a row in the presence of HE President Hussein Al-Husseini, Consultant to Prime Minister Saad Hariri Dr. Ammar Houri, BAU President Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi, and a crowd of artists and media figures as well as the guest’s friends and family along with BAU family and students.

As with every year, this event is an opportunity to highlight the successes of distinguished personalities. This year, Abdel Halim Caracalla, who received many appreciation and culture medals, engaged the audience with his personal and artistic experiences in which he transcended himself starting with heritage, being the main land and source of giving in search of the content and its dimensions to create an artistic form that is compatible with the subject. For Caracalla, content is not affected by time, contrary to form that constantly alters with time and generations.

In his poetic introduction of Caracalla, Poet Talal Haidar described him as the life-time friend, for they both come from Baalbek where they harvested the heritage seasons and wandered the temples together. Caracalla was worried about a body attracted by the earth, so he used body language to write a language that can only be comprehended by a body that walks on the water.”

“Caracalla sat with his destiny and together they sketched his creative career in the musical dance theatre across half a century starting with pole-vaulting upwards to jump over all stages towards the impossible,” Haidar continued.

In the form of a TV dialogue, the event was held in Jamal Abdel Nasser Hall and moderated by Director of Public Relations Ms. Zina Ariss. In her welcoming speech, she presented Caracalla’s most successful works, pointing out that “he watered all theatres with his sweat and effort for Lebanon to shine bright in the world.”

“Talking about Caracalla is but like wearing a perfume of pride with which we arm ourselves to any artistic and cultural event, ostentatiously boasting of an ingenious Lebanese who catered to his theatre as does loyalty to good land, and stood on the stage of life as a distinguished Lebanese name and a flag that hovers with creativity,” Al-Ariss continued.

Caracalla in his talk started with his career as an athlete who was the Arab countries’ champion pole-vaulter, representing Lebanon in international games several times. Then, he studied the history and science of dance theatre at the Marta Graham School in London and modern dance in Dijon in France (Hahie Lemon School). His band’s first launch was in the stadium of the Temple of Jupiter in Baalbek.

Regarding his works of art, Caracalla made it clear that he is inspired by “heritage, Arab history and tales of the East, from a Bedouin roaming the desert, where innate music emanates from the feet of a camel or horse on the desert sands, where King Hussein, the late King of Jordan who was greatly influenced by Caracalla’s 'Black Tents' which talks about Bedouin life, took care of the band’s tours in Europe and America.”

“If you are an artist, no one but you can access your own self to explore creativity through your heritage, identity, and location. If art doesn’t resemble us, it is worthless. We must evoke an art that looks like us and introduce it to the whole world," Caracalla continued.

Concerning stardom, he maintained that “it is very important to convey our civilization to the world but in a contemporary form, a dialogue between the past and the present. We must explore history for themes that affect the world and contain humanitarian lessons, highlighting Lebanon’s bright image in the Arab civilization and in the course of knowledge.”

With respect to his family, Caracalla talked about how he developed the sense of land and heritage in his son and daughter, and how the family work together to create a dance show, with each playing key roles in the artistic team. His daughter Elissar takes charge of designing the dance and his son Ivan directs all of the elements into a theatrical format.

As for his ambition and future message, Caracalla pointed out that “I should not stop. I love to create all that is different and uncommon; ambition without knowledge has no value. The artist should have a humanitarian content in his creation and structure of the musical dance theatre. I want to transcend myself in every work and look for new horizons in themes, melodies and music distribution.”

The meeting concluded with President El-Adawi presenting BAU honorary shield to Caracalla as a token of gratitude and appreciation of his efforts and contribution.

Based on its objective to enrich campus life and provide students with multicultural experiences to develop their social and interpersonal skills, the Student Activities Department is holding a new competition, the Faculties Acting Competitionentitled “Once Upon a Time” on November 29th, 2017.

This competition requires each faculty to form a group of 5 students who must adopt ONEof the following classic tales and act THEIRtwisted version of the story in five minutes only.

  • Romeo and Juliet

  • Red Riding Hood

  • Hansel and Gretel

  • Snow White

  • Beauty and the Beast

  • Wizard of Oz

  • Cinderella

  • Sleeping Beauty

  • Aladdin

  • Titanic

Contestants will perform in front of an audience and a jury of three celebrities: Actress Ward EL Khal, Writer Claudia Marchelian and Producer Marwan Haddad.

The winning team will get the chance to perform in one of the jury members’ movies or series.

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