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Mobility Exchange Programs to University of Santiago De Compostela – Spain for Registered PHD Students

The Call for applications for Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility-KA107 with the University of Santiago De Compostela (USC) in Spain is now open for PHD Students.

The Call will be open from 25th February until 24th March 2019, for mobilities taking place during the academic year 2019/2020.

1. Available scholarships for staff and/or students from your university and relevant areas.

2. USC website – includes Guidance, instructions on how to use the application tool, and model student and staff agreements: INCOMING E+KA107 STUDENTS

3. Link to the application tool:

For more information please contact the International Relations Office at BAU. Poster

Under the patronage of Prof. Amr Galal El Adawi, President, Beirut Arab University, and on behalf of the organizing committee of UHWB18, we would like to welcome you to the International Conference on Urban Health & Wellbeing Building Collaborative Intelligence for Better Lives in Cities held in BAU - Debbieh Campus, from the 23rd till the 25th of October 2018. This conference will be hosted by Beirut Arab University, BAU, in partnership with the International Science Council, ISC, and in collaboration with the International Society for Urban Health, ISUH.

UHWB18 is the premier interdisciplinary platform for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Urban Health and wellbeing. UHWB2018 will bring together leading academic scientists, professionals, researchers, and scholars in the domain of interest from around the world.

We are diligently working on bringing the most knowledgeable academics, researchers and practitioners from all over the world, as well as leaders in the field to explore important topics that focus not only on the discussion of health and wellbeing, but especially in its effectiveness to ensure urban resilience which will allow the future cities to adequately provide wellbeing to the societies.

The 3 days conference will be based on technical and poster sessions on cutting edge issues related to Urban Human Health. It will also provide opportunities for networking and socializing.

For more info, kindly visit our website:

The Faculty of Health Sciences - Department of Nutrition & Dietetics at Beirut Arab University collaborated in the International research project that was held in partnership with University of Oxford (UK) and Gunma Paz University (Japan). This project resulted in publishing a journal paper entitled “Association between Sarcopenic Obesity (SO) and Metabolic Syndrome (Mets) in Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis” at the Current Cardiology Reviews (Q2 peer-review journal).

The research aimed to assess the prevalence of Mets among individuals with Sarcopenic Obesity (SO), and to determine if the latter may increase the relative risk of the former. The major finding of the study was that no higher prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome (Mets) among individuals with Sarcopenic Obesity (SO) when compared to those with obesity only, nor a significant association between Sarcopenic Obesity (SO) and a higher risk of Metabolic Syndrome (Mets) was found.

Faculty of Architecture- Design and Built Environment, Beirut Arab University (BAU) in its second collaboration with University of Leeds (UK) are inviting you to the online public seminar ‘Building Capacity & Designing Participatory Approaches to Preserve Cultural Heritage by the Youth’ as a part of the funded project with the title ‘ (Re)contextualizing contested heritage project’, #ReConHeritage, funded by Research England GCRF.

Date: 30th of May (Saturday)

Time: starting from 11:00 am to 14:30

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics- Faculty of Health Sciences at Beirut Arab University hosted Ms. Elena Fontana and Ms. Marta Bordoni, members from the International Office from the University of Pavia in Italy lectured students from the Masters of Science in Nutrition. An overview was discussed about the long-standing and active collaboration between the two universities since 2017 throughout Staff and Student Exchange Programs as well as clinical research projects. Moreover, new strategies were discussed in order to be implemented soon to enhance the collaboration between the Lebanese and Italian institutions.

The President of Beirut Arab University Professor Amr Galal El- Adawi hosted the Ambassador of Ukraine to Lebanon H.E. Mr. Ihor Ostash at Beirut Campus.

Professor El Adawi informed the Ambassador about the latest aspects of development and modernization at the University, which paved the way for several future cooperation and collaborations between the University and the Universities of Ukraine.

The President of Beirut Arab University Professor Amr Galal El- Adawi hosted the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Lebanon H.E. Mr. Young Dae Kwon, accompanied by the Assistant to the Defense Attaché, Mr. Daljoon KIM, and Cultural and Economic Advisor Ms. Hind Chaaban at BAU Beirut and Debbieh Campuses.

The visit included a tour to the Dentistry Clinics, BAUHC Clinics, Centers and Faculties in addition to several vital areas in both Beirut and Debbieh Campuses.

BAU President informed the delegation about the latest aspects of development and modernization at the University, which paved the way for several future cooperation and collaboration in the fields of Medicine and Education between the University and the Universities of Korea.

The Faculty of Science at Beirut Arab University hosted Professor Atsushi Fujimori from The Department of Physics, University of Tokyo whereby he delivered a lecture entitled “Synchrotron Radiation Spectroscopy of Advanced Materials” at Debbieh Campus. Prof. Fujimori presented his latest research results followed by a discussion session. The dean and other faculty staff discussed with Prof. Fujimori the different possibilities of collaboration between BAU and University f Tokyo.

International Relations Office


To achieve an elite position at the international level, BAU encourages further development of international cooperation relating to education and research as well as the exchange of students, researchers and research results with other international institutions. The University promotes an international perspective throughout the University community.

Mobility Exchange Programs

Beirut Arab University (BAU) encourages students and staff mobility to promote learning and research experiences overseas and the exchange of different cultural traditions.

BAU has participated in three ERASMUS MUNDUS projects in collaboration with nineteen European partner universities as well as sixteen Arab universities:

  • Egypt - Lebanon - EU Mobility Exchange Network (ELEMENT), 2011-2015.

  • Program for Excellence Academy Cooperation Exchange (PEACE), 2012-2016.

  • Program for Excellence Academy Cooperation Exchange (PEACEII), 2012-2016.

  • Beirut Arab University has also signed several inter-institutional agreements with many European Universities under Erasmus+

In order to stimulate students and staff mobility, BAU International Relations Office facilitates the communication of students and academic staff with the relevant international institutions and assists them in the right paper work.

BAU secures all necessary facilities to the outgoing students and the incoming students and / or academic staff to complete the mobility program with maximum benefits for both parties and facilitates the participation of students with special needs in this program.


Erasmus Mundus is a cooperation and mobility program in the field of higher education that aims to enhance the quality of European higher education and to promote dialogue and understanding between people and cultures through cooperation with Third-Countries. It permits the exchange of students, academic and administrative staff. Beirut Arab University has participated in three projects in collaboration with 19 European partner universities as well 16 Arab universities.

ERASMUS+ Projects

Beirut Arab University has signed Inter-Institutional Agreements with the following Higher Education Institutions under ERASMUS+

BAU implements 22 ICM projects with 12 Universities from 8 partner Countries from 2015-2016 up to present.